Having moved to London to study for her Bachelor of Arts in Fashion at Central Saint Martins, Sofia Prantera, the Italian Creative Director from Aries focuses on the esoteric world of the zodiac and its impact on our daily lives. Born out of her love for trash culture and underground art movements, it only made sense for Prantera a to make a move and partner up with a brand that has been with her ever since her childhood. Therefore, we present Aries x Fila, a collaboration between classical references and comfort that becomes one through both brands’ Italian heritage.
Titled Vela Nera –Black Sail– this collab pays homage to Rome’s myths such as Theseus and the Minotaur, as well as reimagines Fila’s iconic sailing jacket created for Giovanni Soldini back in the 90s. Representing both victory and grief, they offer a fully black sportswear unisex collection where they blend both Aries and Fila’s motifs. We present you today with a video directed by David Sims around this capsule collection.
Ariesx Fila 1.jpg
Ariesx Fila 4.jpg
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