I’m sure you’ve wished to erase a few memories from your brain. Those that are too painful to bear, a burden that we carry throughout the years and that we learn, somehow, to live with. They say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger; but does it, really? Do we camouflage trauma and turn it into strength as a tool to survive? That’s what Ariana Grande’s new music video for we can’t be friends (wait for your love) is all about. Oh, and just a heads up: the painful love story she talks about is with none other than heartthrob Evan Peters!
Directed by Chris Breslauer, Grande’s new music video could perfectly be the pilot of a new season of Black Mirror. The dystopian story is set in a very near future where company Brighter Days Inc. has developed a technology that erases some of your saddest, most painful memories and replaces them for fake but happier ones. If there is an object that reminds you of a certain someone, don’t worry, that company will relink that memory. Or if you listen to a song that was THE song between you two, no problem, it’ll become the song with somebody else. Or as the music video ironically shows, a beautiful necklace that he gave you as a romantic gift turns into the collar you bought to your non-existent dog. And just like that, he’s no longer in your mind. But is this really what you wished for?
This new music video is out today, just like Ariana Grande’s new studio album, eternal sunshine. Comprising thirteen songs, the singer’s new record is set to be another commercial success for her. This time, she had only released one single to promote the album’s launch – TikTok favourite’s new audio, yes, and? After garnering millions of streams, Grande bets on this new single to show the mood and intention of the rest of the album, which features just one collaboration – ordinary things with her Nonna. Isn’t that sweet? Ariana’s powerful vocals, heartfelt lyrics and top-notch production are here once again, so you know what to do this weekend: listen on repeat.