They started writing the song they're now releasing, The Loneliest Surface, at the beginning of this year as a sort of writing exercise, maybe as sort of an emotional outlet. Today, Archer Oh is releasing this single which discusses broken relationships and feelings of isolation amidst the pressures of ‘performing’ your life or duties for people that you feel you owe something to. With nearly thirty thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, this is the first song that they worked on in a legitimate studio and not recorded/produced by themselves.
The surfy indie/garage band from Moreno Valley, California, whose ultimate goal is to make people feel something through their music, is releasing their new single, The Loneliest Surface, today. “I tried to limit which chords I was using and started playing around with different melodies and drum beats on garage band. I actually almost forgot about the song when we were bunking with Kameron, our booking agent in Idaho and I decided to show him the demo on a whim,” says one of the band members regarding the development process of this song.

“After hearing it, he very emphatically told us we needed to record it and put it out into the world. After discussing it with the rest of the team, we workshopped the song over the course of the whole tour and fast-tracked it to be recorded with Stefan Mac once we got home,” they add. Thanking all the people who made this possible and who have stuck by them, through everything, the single is now available on streaming platforms.