Step into Money + Love, the new short film that David Wilson has directed for Arcade Fire. A theatrical dystopian future filled with chiaroscuros, neon lights and decadence. Co-starring actress Toni Collette as the director of a multimedia empire, the film includes the songs Put Your Money on Me and We Don’t Deserve Love, and is a nod to the traditional format of an A and B side record.
The film opens with the band selling themselves to a media and e-commerce platform named Everything Now (a reference to their previously published song and music video). Toni Colette explains them that, from now on, she will take only a modest 98.3% of their earnings and continues with “Of course there will be a few small bits of product placement, don’t worry. Nobody needs to know about that”. What follows is an ironic amount of product placement and a dazzlingly colourful casino performance that gets horribly out of hand. Is the future of the music industry (or of our world) going to look like this? We hope it doesn’t, but as long as it’s a beautifully-made video like this, we’ll keep enjoying ourselves.
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