Have you ever wondered where the strangest inspirations come from? In the case of musician and composer Antoine Lang, his new single Big Data is a testament to how a nightmare can turn into a musical masterpiece.
Born on the Franco-German border, specifically in the city of Strasbourg, Antoine Lang grew up in a multicultural and musically diverse environment. His journey took him to study in London and Switzerland before settling in Berlin in the late 2000s, where he formed his first indie rock band with German, French, and Australian musicians. However, as often happens in the lives of musicians, a parenthesis appeared in the form of a musical hiatus in Paris. It was during this time that the pseudonym DeSaintex was born, and he released two EPs, Je vois, je crois (2019) and Effigies (2020).
But today’s latest release, Big Data, arose from a unique experience. One night, while he was in an isolated cabin in a friend’s apartment, he had a nightmare that inspired the composition of the song. Without wasting time, he entered the cabin and recorded what he had heard in his dream: the characteristic Moog bassline and the catchy chorus. The lyrics came almost naturally, speaking of the digital world and the overwhelming amount of data we generate daily.
The title Big Data ironically reflects the digital era in which we live. This term is often used to describe the vast amount of information shared today. For Lang, this expression resonated particularly due to the magnitude of data handled daily and the power wielded by those who control this global exchange of information. Furthermore, it reflects that singers, in the end, also provide data from their experiences in their art. The song combines a dark vibe with elements of post-rock and captures the essence of the digital era, which is why the album he will release will have the same title.
Big Data is out on November 17th.