Taking elements from pop culture across different mediums and backgrounds and ‘mashing them up’ is what British artist Anthea Hamilton does best. Her first exhibition – focused on sculpture, installation, film and performance – is being exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp (Belgium). Mash Up offers no less than seventy works created by the artist throughout her career, with some of her most important oeuvre as well as pieces from The Squash (2018), a project that was exhibited at Tate Britain's Duveen Galleries in collaboration with Jonathan Anderson. A true invitation to think about forms and images, and reflect on representation, identity politics and methodologies of freedom. All with the main support of Loewe. You now have the chance to see it for yourselves until May 15.
Curated by Anne-Claire Schmitz across 1,800 square metres of exhibition space, we get to see how Hamilton’s creations have a strong aim of challenging our pre-conceived realities, as she recreates the world in her own way. Her work presents an alternative and fragmented reality in which gender roles, sexualities, food, domestic life, nature and traditions of different cultures escape from all the established clichés to become fluid notions. As they explain, “Mash Up draws a comprehensive and precise picture of a practice characterised by devotional creativity, unexpected research trajectories, highly visual aesthetics, cross-cultural interests, and interdisciplinary modes of production.” And to top it off, there will be weekly performances on Saturdays.

Not only will there be the previously mentioned The Squash, but we will also now have the opportunity to see praised past installations such as The New Life (Venice Biennale, 2019, and Secession, 2018), and Lichen! Libido! Chastity! (Turner Prize, 2016 and SculptureCenter, 2015). And even co-creations with and affiliations to (amongst others): artist Nicholas Byrne, architect and designer Gaetano Pesce, gardener and writer Roger Phillips, performer Carlos Maria Romera, photographer Lewis Ronald, and, of course, Loewe as directed by designer Jonathan Anderson.
Anthea Hamilton's exhibition Mash Up is now on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp (Belgium) until May 15.
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