Continuing her work on exploring spirituality and human emotion, Munich and New York-based artist Annina Roescheisen has produced a series of paintings in which the viewer is invited to uncover new sensations and perceive the intangible. Boogie-wall Gallery in Central London have invited Roescheisen to comment on our shared human and spiritual experiences, and to connect to each other through the exhibition Vibrational Strings, on view until December 20.
These stunning works often tell a story in their entirety, whilst containing fine details which heighten the viewers' senses and encourage a deeper examination into the specific characteristics of each painting and the implications of these. By building up layers comprising of elements such as sketches, fine lines, shapes, textures, and vivid colours, Roescheisen mimics the emotional layers of the subconscious, and asks the viewer to enquire what of the imperceptible might be deduced from the piece.

Roescheisen describes art as “a language, a universal language,” used to evoke emotion, thought, and feeling. This series is an example of how this language might manifest itself to create resonance between work and viewer, and viewer to viewer. Often using body as inspiration and utensil, in this philosophical series, the artist uses this physicality along with delicate lines and bold colours to conceive and express the vibrations and frequencies that connect us to each other. This exhibition will ask you to consider your spiritual connection to those around you and to uncover new sensations.
Annina Roescheisen's exhibition Visceral Bodies is now on view at London's Boogie-Wall Gallery until December 20.
Annina Roescheisen Metalmagazine 9.jpg
Galactic - 2021
Annina Roescheisen Metalmagazine 3.jpg
Vibrational Strings The Spider - 2021
Annina Roescheisen Metalmagazine 6.jpg
Vibrational Strings Blue Velvet - 2021
Annina Roescheisen Metalmagazine 7.jpg
Red String - 2021
Annina Roescheisen Metalmagazine 5.jpg
Shape Shifter - 2021