Championing a sound which varies from blue-eyed soul to organic acoustic pop and nostalgic 80's inspired sounds, non-binary North Carolina-based singer/songwriter and Twitch influencer Annelle Staal are today dropping their new single, My Girl. This new track gives us a new version of nostalgic pop while telling an exciting story by capturing the joy and playfulness of a first-time queer relationship. Meaning and signifier achieve a perfect balance, with which the artist gives their fans a queer anthem which inspires very good energy.
“Like a fresh start that makes you feel sentimental, I can't help but smile and dance when Iisten to this one. It's always felt special to me,” Stall replies when asked how they felt during the creative process of their new release and what emotions were awakened every time they listen to it. Now that the single has already seen the light, their audience can enjoy the song in which the artist has put so much love and has fully opened up emotionally.

Being a Twitch social media influencer, the creative spirit is a fundamental pillar in the vision of the multifaceted artist. Are you ready to listen to their springtime sapphic love song, filled with 60's inspired acoustic sounds and an organic, lush vocal? My Girl is now live, and Annelle has already shared the news on their social media. “It will melt your heart & make you move,” they said.
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