Not only are they capable of creating scenes or mental images with their music, but they also manage to configure soundscapes from scratch with their own rules. Or rather, creating mesmerising environments without standards where we can be free and let ourselves be carried away by the musical experimentation that Amy Root has been betting on since its inception. The Dutch duo made up of Lukas Amer and Sjoerd Huissoon is now releasing their new EP, AvA, featuring five tracks that transcend time, demonstrating once again that settling down or relaxing is not an option, going for the continuous discovery of new sound formulas.
Drawing inspiration from five paintings by British artist Joseph Mallord William Turner, one of the great pictorial masters when it comes to the representation of light and landscapes, the electronic music duo now present their new work, AvA, after launching their debut EP Lynn in 2018. And it is that although a priori it may seem that there is no direct connection between the nineteenth-century painter and Amy Root's sound proposal, their work is quite similar. Both are capable of immersing the viewer (or the listener, in the case of Dutch musicians) in an ecosystem with a life of its own, recognisable and unique.

From Zeal and the maximum expectation to Turmoil, a track where the pace accelerates that could well be inspired by a stormy seascape defined by uncertainty and the need to react quickly to external threats. Recorded on the island of Texel, off the Netherlands’ North Sea coast, this new work once again demonstrates the experimental capacity of Lukas and Sjoerd, whose sound proposal is perfectly adaptable to both the dance floor and home-listening.