Three years have passed since Amanda Winberg, better known as Amwin in the art scene, released her acclaimed debut EP Amwin In Wonderland. The Swedish artist now delves into a theme that we can all relate to in her new single that she is releasing today, Friends, right?. The leitmotif of the song is the underlying feeling in which we don't dare to express what we really feel for fear of destroying a friendship. Many doubts and questions arise then and that sometimes do not allow us to take the plunge. But what would have happened if we had been honest with ourselves?
Friendship and love meet in Amwin's new single, Friends, right? “I think many can relate to the situation questioning are we really just friends? But should we live in the lie because it feels good as it is or choose the truth with the risk of falling?” the artist asks her audience. She goes a step further in this stripped-down, melodic and guitar-driven single release via her own label.