To some, Ami means friend, one that is nonchalant, relaxed and authentic; a true camaraderie. For us, it means Alexandre Mattiussi, the visionary behind the Parisian brand we all wish to befriend, especially now that f-Ami-ly member Noah Schnapp dons their new Fall/Winter 2023 collection.
Ami is known best for delivering casual suavity and versatile wardrobes for men and women, and their new unisex Cloudy Wool knitwear line is no exception. The warm embrace of the soft, billowing knits, envelope the Stranger Things actor as he lounges on a plush couch, casually nailing the art of Ami’s cosy-chic. As the campaign leisurely unfolds, an array of cardigans, scarves and sweaters, both round and funnel neck, snugly frame the scene, each thoughtfully knitted from soft hairy alpaca yarn.
The collection’s soft hues build on the essence of comfort, as vanilla cream, powder pink, earl grey and aquamarine whisper relaxation. Signatures would surely not gather dust, as the Maison breathes new life into the distinctive Ami de Cœr symbol, now knitted with a modern twist – fur stich intarsia, ornamenting the collection with its larger-than-life presence. In the soft glow of photographer Darren Gwynn’s lens, the campaign becomes a sonnet to comfort, tempting us to embrace the winter blues with Ami’s cloudy wool.
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