The last time we spoke to Tony Lehtimäki, the founder of Ameos, he told us how he was determined to make coloured lenses and creativity the cornerstones of his eyewear brand. “We’ve seen a rapidly increasing interest from an overseas market, which we are also working on expanding Ameos to next year,” he said, welcoming all people to join his community built on freedom. Pursuing his goal, he has just started working with one of the UK's leading high-end fashion stores, END. And we can already find their pieces in their stores in London, Glasgow and Newcastle!
Ameos now lands in a spectacular space where luxury designers, streetwear and contemporary fashion span across two floors, bringing their creations even closer to an ever-growing public. The Swedish eyewear brand goes a step further in its international expansion while consolidating its presence in Spain. Because, as Tony already told us when we spoke with him in September 2021, “our plan for the future is to grow Ameos and naturally develop our concept by constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity through different projects without losing the essence of the brand.” And they seem to be on the right track to achieve it.
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