Today, Amber Jones is releasing her debut single, Blueberries. Quite an event for the burgeoning singer-songwriter, who says goodbye to July and welcomes the month of August with her first release. However, she is not a newcomer to music, far from it. She’s already worked with a noteworthy name: side-by-side with Scott Welch, a producer and mixing and mastering engineer who has worked with Grammy Award-nominated group Tank and the Bangas. Now her time has come, and this release promises to be the first of many to come.
For Amber Jones, music had always been a hobby, a way to express herself which she really enjoyed when she took the practical route and attended college to become a nurse. One day, everything changed after playing one of her demos to an Uber driver who, impressed by her voice, connected her to someone at Career Artist Management who helped her enter various writing sessions. Just as it sounds, these things happen in real life when you least expect it. And Jones's professional approach to the music industry is a very good example of it.

Blueberries was inspired by life choices, life choices that I haven't necessarily been proud of. Life choices that I paid emotional consequences for. But it is these choices that have led to not only maturity but a more straightedge lifestyle,” she replies when we ask her about her new single we are premiering today on METAL. We will continue to inform you about the next steps the artist, who wrote an EP that she is ready to release in 2023, takes.