Who hasn’t had this song stuck in their head? The Ghanaian American singer and songwriter’s hit Sad Girlz Luv Money has been playing on repeat since its initial release last year. After Amaarae and Moily's collaboration, Kali Uchis stepped in the remix making it go viral. You just couldn't scroll through TikTok without hearing the catchy and hypnotic lyrics “I really like to party, I really like your body, I really wanna get naughty, I think you’re such a hottie.” The sound was all over the platform and millions of users posted their dance challenge to it. Now, after all the high expectations, the new music video for its remix is out.
The single already had a video, but since Kali Uchis joined in the mix we were all expecting new visuals. And, of course, they didn’t fail to impress. We see standout designer looks courtesy of Mugler, Vivienne Westwood, Saint Laurent and more, styled by Daniel Obasi. A levelled-up production with a futuristic vibe under the direction of Remi Laudat. A song that is a tribute to women – especially to the Black and brown community – making their way to the top and making their own money. That’s why we see the girls dancing along while they have the men tied up, simply because they can, they are the ones in command.

As Kali Uchis says “I’m that bitch on and off the cameras,” meaning she doesn’t have to pretend or fake a lifestyle to impress, that’s just how she really is. Not everyone can sing these lyrics while lying on top of all those dollar bills. For sure, it's an anthem representing the power and control of sexy women like them. And with these afrobeats and vocals, it all points out to this year being Amaarae’s big opportunity to shine. Take a look at it. We can assure you that you will not be disappointed.