ALOUISE, also known as Amanda Louise Macchia, is a profile hard to define as we find so many creative disciplines in her fascinating creative universe. Her mesmerising energy and her innate talent are manifested through different artistic facets in which fashion meets video directing. Also music, of course, which is a field she is now breaking into again with force with the release of her new single, Mastroianni. And this release lands off the back of her recent performance at an exclusive party hosted by Armani!
Her new song breathes fashion, generating an enveloping atmosphere that makes us feel we’re on the runway. The pop-art track, which is a follow-up single to her last ‘talk-disco’ song – a term she coined a couple of years ago – exudes empowerment and self-confidence. “It's heavily influenced by Italo disco, and it's important to me that these tracks are recorded using authentic synthesizers of the era. The minimal spoken words reference some of the most iconic names of Italian cinema, all in homage to my heritage, and to my main artistic medium, video directing,” adds the multifaceted artist when we ask her about her latest release.

It is no coincidence that Mastroianni is so connected to the world of aesthetics and glamour. Having become one to watch in the Paris fashion scene after working alongside top industry professionals including Ib Kamara and Olivier Zahm, among many others, ALOUISE has also created visual content for the likes of Blumarine, Chanel, Off-White, and Saint Laurent. She embodies the artist of a new generation of talent in which creative disciplines intertwine with one another, allying rather than confronting each other, proving that new ways of understanding and making art are possible (and necessary).