After more than a year of following Allegra’s music career, a rising talent who continues to attract fans all over the world and advances in leaps and bounds in her promising career, today the London-based artist announces one of the biggest milestones in her professional path to date. The song we talked about last time we chatted with her, Round & Round, has now been remixed by the internationally acclaimed DJ Tiësto. And the final result is brilliant.
The electrifying club anthem pulsing with hypnotic energy that we talked about last month in this article now goes a step further by adding the strength and personality of Tiësto, after having collaborated with some of the biggest names in music globally in recent years. The association with superstar DJ/producer and established hit artist, Tiësto does take that approach to quite another level. And this remix comes along with a music video that overflows with powerful energy and self-confidence. It’s an ode to music and dance, the result of a combination of forces that comes at the right time.
Club music embraces pop music on this new release, further cementing Allegra as one of the hottest mainstream pop stars to emerge from the United Kindom in recent years. As some of the followers who have commented on the YouTube music video say, this remix is just in time for the summer and promises to become one of the main songs in our playlist to welcome festivals and warm weather.
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