Back in 2021, Allegra emerged in the electronic music scene and quickly carved a space on her own right. She’s worked tirelessly to earn that spot. After world sensation Tiestö remixed her Round & Round hit, which garners over six million streams, some argued there was nothing else she could do. Well, she just proved them wrong. Collaborating with Alok, the fourth biggest DJ today, the London-based DJ and producer releases a remix of Love You Right Back. Have a listen now!
With its blend of soaring vocals, vibrant synths, and pulsating club drums, Allegra’s new club banger is not to be missed. The Londoner has a clear vision about what works and what doesn’t on the dance floor – sonically, commercially, and even spirituality. Her pop sensibility is almost unmatched, which is one of her greatest qualities which, paired with her skills behind the decks and in the studio, result in club anthems that other DJs play in their sets around the world.
After the commercial success of Tiestö’s remix of Round & Round, Allegra wanted to keep the momentum going, so she tapped yet another viral artist: Alok. Speaking of how this came to be, he explains: ““I first discovered Allegra through Tiestö’s remix of her track Round & Round, and I’ve been following her ever since. When she reached out to me about remixing her latest single, I was thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate with such an amazing artist. She is extremely talented and it has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with her.”
The result of this explosive pairing is a fast-paced, ear-piercing, enchanting track that features the best of both worlds and visions.