Alice Pisano's new single and music video, Ink, takes us into a state of bubbling emotion, when you fall in love with someone. A time in which problems seem to vanish and good energies flood everything, making us feel so good. Feelings override reason and flowing seems easier than ever before. The Italian-born, London-based artist wants with this release to make us feel good and express ourselves with total freedom, showing our feelings and dancing on the dance floor just living here and now.

Her debut single Celebrated Life garnered over four million listens on Spotify becoming an overnight hit. An entry into the music scene with which the singer showed enormous potential, which she has been sharing with her listeners since she started 4 years ago. Singles like Boys Like You or Crush have hundreds of thousands of views on digital platforms and her fan community continues to grow. The themes that she addresses in her songs, added to her ecstatic realm of lyrical bliss and contagious musicality, connect people from all over the world.

Written and produced alongside Anthony Goldsbrough and Gavin Powell, her new single explores how intense love can be for an introvert. “I can get a bit shy in social situations, especially at big parties. But I also have a more bubbly and outgoing side, and having a crush on someone tends to drag me out of my shell,” replies the artist, who wrote her new single, Ink, when she was dating someone “It didn't end well, but that is another story!,” Pisano dares to dance in the music video that comes along with her new release: “I was a little nervous, but we did it!! I think it's super cute, it makes me smile and I hope you love it too.”