Hey there, did you know there’s an Americana-style zombie jam at your local bar? Ok, perhaps not, but that’s what Alex Winston has envisioned for the release of Where My Cowboys At?, her latest single. Directed by Jack Schurman, the music video takes us to the most Southern cocktail bar possible to line dance with some zombies. As the artist sings in the song: “Cause it’s 85 and breezy in my head / And I’m dancing up against the living dead.” Care to join?
Speaking of the song, the Detroit-born singer and songwriter explains: “Where My Cowboys At? is my ode to a period of life that felt like arrested development, knowing it was time to grow up but still feeling like a kid at heart. A final bow for my bullshit.” That final bow is shaped as a powerful track that opens with crunchy guitars and hard-bodied percussion.
With her captivating voice, Winston’s second single off her upcoming full length LP creates an enveloping soundscape that takes listeners on a beautiful dream. We could already hear her sultry vocals in Hot One, the single previous to Where My Cowboys At?, but that one focused on her rebuttal of an ex-lover who asks for a second chance. This time, she speaks of her “final bow,” as she puts it, in a straightforward way: “I remember saying that the past was in the past / Then I took my brother’s BB gun and shot you straight through the ass / Now you’re giving me the third degree / Does it sting when you think of me?”