Among the many talents and passions of Alessandra Hyunh, fashion is the one that stands out the most. She started copying and recreating outfits from movies she watched and borrowing clothes from her mother’s wardrobe, so she’s familiar with customization and self-expression through her looks. Today, we ask her to guide us through the best hotspots in Paris, his Vietnamese heritage, and how did she merge astrology and the tarot cards with Custom Studio by Pepe Jeans.
Hi Alessandra, could you please introduce yourself? Where do you come from, and what do you do?
Hello there, I’m Alessandra. I’m twenty-six years old, I come from Italy and I’m a stylist and art director based in Paris.
I think you also have some roots in Asia. Could you please tell me how have your origins/heritage influenced who you are and shaped you?
Yes, I have Vietnamese origins but I was born in Schio, Vicenza province. My heritage and my upbringing forged me to be a mix of contrasts. From the Vietnamese side, I’ve learned the importance of subtlety and simplicity, the sense of family, and got the artistic spirit from my grandfather. My Italian side has given me character, attitude and an epicurean approach to life.
You’re actually a fashion designer/creative director. When did fashion first catch your attention? What is your favour thing about it? And the worst?
I’m a fashion stylist and creative director. Everything started when I was fifteen years old, when I started copying outfits from old movies and magazines and used clothes from my mother’s wardrobe – and then took pictures with the outfits. My favourite thing is to mix the past with the present or the future and create new chimeras; I like the fact that I never run out of ideas. The worst thing in this field is that, sometimes, it can be hard to survive by only doing this.
You’re based in Paris, which is a very well-known city. But since you live there, could you tell us some ‘unusual’ hotspots, some places under the radar that you think we shouldn’t miss next time we’re there?
My favourite hotspots are Le Marais with their freeperies and vintage shops (where I love to find garments for my looks); La Recyclerie, where I love to go to work, have meetings or simply have a drink; the vintage market in Saint Ouen, where I find inspiration for my shootings; and square Vert Galant to do picnics with friends.
What can you tell us about your collaboration with Pepe Jeans and Custom Studio? How's your experience been?
My collaboration with Pepe Jeans was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed doing it, and the guys at the store were so nice and attentive to me.
Had you ever customized any other garment before? If so, tell us more about it.
It wasn’t my first customization on a garment. I’d done it before. For example, I used to paint and experiment with different materials on jackets, jeans and t-shirts I thrifted.
In this collaboration with Pepe, how have you expressed your personality and work through customization?
I expressed my personality as in everything I do. I have a passion for astrology and wanted to use a symbol related to the tarot cards, so that’s why I did a sun.
Why would you say customization is important/relevant?
Customizations are important because they give you the possibility to have unique pieces that nobody else has.
What do you can explain us about your projects for a near future?
My future projects involve creating more contents. I want to develop more videos and I was also thinking about taking acting classes.