The Chilean singer-songwriter Akacats is one of those artists whose work, which takes on an apparently relaxed tone, melts with emotion and plunges into a world full of dreamlike notes that make her music something special. Her new single, Lo Siento, is the second release from her forthcoming debut full-length Cupido. And this new piece is a perfect demonstration of how the mix of musical genres, from lo-fi rap to soul, with a sense of aesthetics and a deep message is an undoubtedly winning combo.
The process of acceptance of life is the premise on which Catalina Rojas, better known as Akacats in the creative scene, build her new single, Lo Siento. “The downs of life, at the end of the day, are the ones that teach us the most and give us the opportunity to wonder about important things,” she explains about the stages of self-knowledge and continuous learning that experience implies, evidencing the power that music has when it comes to conveying powerful messages. And it is that the singer, who collaborated with Catana and Cidtronyc on her single Lucha, in which there was no lack of vindictive messages and social criticism – and her firm defence of the trial-and-error method as the only way to learn from life –, has not stopped surprising her audience since she started in music in 2018.

Inspired by Biig Piig, a legendary female artist who represents the genre on the underground rap scene, Pimp Flaco, or Sen Senra’s wonderful stylings, the video clip of her new song is directed by Felipe Prado and shows the ups and downs that the singer narrates in deep lyrics. Different states of mind that follow one another at a dizzying speed. A strong commitment to face life as it is, not avoiding the reality we face.
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