Having kicked off 2022 with Love At First Song back in March, AJA is now releasing her new single Bad Game of Telephone. A track turned into an empowering response to being victimized during her time at an all-girls school, which she now channels in the form of music being able to move on with her head held high. “The next bunch of songs are really like my personal diary and have actually been my form of therapy. I hope that other people who have gone through similar experiences will relate and feel the weight lift off their shoulders too,” says the 18-year-old, Toronto-born and bred artist.
Since she launched at the start of the pandemic with her huge vocal talent and empowering songwriting, this young promise of music has not stopped reaping success with all her releases. Her track Red Button already surpasses two million streams on Spotify, and others like Better Off Without You or Love At First Song have hundreds of thousands of streams on digital platforms. And it is that her fandom that does not stop growing has been able to see in the songwriting of the singer an unusual sincerity in the music industry, far from trends, which is built on her personal experiences.

Bad Game of Telephone is the third single AJA has released this year and follows on from her stunning release Fireflies which, born from a dark place, came as a reminder to keep looking forward. The artist is enjoying the journey as she continues to gain notoriety on the international music scene. And the most important thing is that her music, her faithful travel companion, allows her to channel her emotions as if it were a therapeutic process.