We are about to welcome September, a month that indicates new beginnings for many people that will be translated into interesting projects that we are looking forward to hearing about. The Chilean rock band Aisles now presents their new single, Megalomania, along with a cinematic music video directed by renowned filmmaker Bernando Quesney and written by the band's guitarist Germán Vergara. The song will be included in their fifth album in which they are working and will be released in early 2022. A start to the year that promises to delight us with interesting music proposals.
“The music video is about an unconventional relationship between three people who live together,” says Vergara about the audiovisual piece, in which we witness how a love relationship comes to an end with all that the breakup carries. “No matter what kind of relationship it is, splitting up can lead to very dark places,” he adds. Recorded at the recording studio Estudio del Sur, they now present the single after releasing Disobedience and Fast, which will also be included in their next album – the name of which remains under wraps.

According to different professionals and specialised media, the six members of the music group have become one of the the most important South American progressive bands in the last two decades. They continue to explore their sound in an album that, according to the first tracks that we already know, will allow us to enjoy a much more direct and powerful sound, influenced by bands like Porcupine Tree or Rush. And it is that after having played live in North America or Europe and opening for iconic music bands such as Marillion and Focus, their more than 15 years as a rock band have let them explore different facets, going as far as to narrate the life of humanity in space after the destruction of the Earth on their album Hawaii (2016). Having presented their new singer, Israel Gil in 2020, the band from Santiago de Chile will not stop surprising us.
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