Delicate and soft like Shakespeare’s words. Ambiguous in its sexuality and structure. Airam Sacul is a new balance of its own in the fashion world. With the mind set in a uncertain future, this is a brand that wants to be known in the street haute–couture field. With the ‘made not in China’ as a premise, you will be able to experience with all your senses the uniqueness of a thirty years old fabric, along with silk’s pastel colours. Let your wardrobe open for this warm breeze and feel, for the first time, how energising monochromatic pieces can be.
Two fashion lovers found each other in Madrid. Is this the way Airam Sacul begun? What’s the prologue of your brand’s story?
Lucas and Maria met in a fair. Lucas was automatically drawn to her and thought starting a brand would be a fun way of spending time together, plus his more traditional way of seeing fashion matched with the one of Maria, who understands the current trends and the mechanics of the game.
Can you explain how two young minds come together in order to put the word longevity in the fashion dictionary once and for all?
We use high quality fabrics to try to make clothes that are sown with extra care and that suit for the real world.
Has your Spanish background been some kind of influence to you? Which referents did you have in mind when developing the concept of the brand?
Spain used to produce a lot of local clothing that started being replaced by Chinese businesses, the dying breed of the seamstresses are old ladies, most of them have already retired. They are the ones we want to work with, and they are hard to get their hands on. Also, the relaxed vibes we enjoy in Spain are probably the reason we are not scared of using so many warm colours.
Minimal, monochromatic, unisex. Was the brave palette of colours you use a way of putting all these categories in harmony?
The palette is also the result of conflict, by the means of elimination and diplomacy. For example, Maria wouldn’t have used maroon but loved a light blue, and Lucas missed some khaki green and because of that he wouldn’t have done so much pink.
In each piece of your collection, the feeling of the fabric is fundamental. How is the process of selecting it?
We choose the fabrics by elimination; since our tastes are different we discard each other’s picks till we get to the final selection and take care to find providers with top notch fabrics made not in China.
And if you had to choose just one fabric to do all your collections, what would it be?
Well, this collection would be silk.
Do you consider yourself a street haute–couture brand?
That is definitely our aim, but we need more ex haute–couture seamstresses at our service and a couple few years before we can claim such a thing.
When can we reach the balance between the informal and the formal? How can we dress both ways at the same time avoiding the paradox attached to it?
Well, that’s what we were try to figure out, when we first started the brand we pictured a mid–age dandy gentleman and a young trendy girl. The aim is merging both styles in an elegant manner.
Why limited editions are important to you when developing timeless items?
We just don’t have the need or drive to produce in mass and rather make more unique garments. We also work with limited rolls and might not be able to guarantee the fabric will still be available. Some of our rolls are over 30 years old.
How should, or would, a young adult like yourselves understand the price of the luxury that comes with the quality?
Well, he or she could check some of the quality fabrics’ prices and it will be easy for them to understand the term ‘luxury’. You might not understand the difference between 30% cashmere and 100% cashmere, but you will surely feel it when you put it on.
What and where will be Airam Sacul in the future?
Just wish us good luck in this shady business!