“Being a singer and an actress is like opening a new business. The only difference is the product you're selling, which is you in this case,” says Moldovan-born artist Afina. Having performed as a teenager in Romania, Ukraine or Sweden – as well as, of course, in her native country – the artist moved to the United States when she was 19 years old, overcoming various obstacles and believing in herself. After going through a difficult time, she started writing her music, continued performing, and started acting. And now she presents her new release, Sweet Dreams.
Focused on giving her best and fully aware that life is not just joy and celebration, the up-and-coming singer is destined to inspire others through her voice. She now can be a speaker for all those people who need to feel part of a group, connected to someone who has gone through the same experiences and create a community built on mutual support. And that is precisely what she does with her new single, Sweet Dreams. “I hope after listening to this song, you’ll wake up in the morning ready to fight for your happiness and all the good things you deserve to have in your life no matter how hard it is,” she adds.

Music has always been part of her life, but it is now that Afina, having proved to herself to be a strong and determined person, directs all the attention to her project, which could well be considered a platform materialised in the form of music: “Sweet Dreams is dedicated to everybody who is going through any kind of difficulty in their life. I wrote this song when I felt completely scared, weak and lost.” Talking openly about her vulnerabilities and processes makes this artist one of the future talents of the industry in all likelihood.