With nearly two decades of experience as a DJ and producer, Aera today unveils his new mix project, Versions. The remarkable new release from German DJ, producer and Applied Magic label head now references those who were his youth heroes. From Ninja Tune's golden era to DJ Shadow's Endtroducing, Massive Attack or K&D Sessions, among many others. This new album includes ten tracks of left-field electronica, trip-hop and down-tempo sound palettes. A journey through the more experimental side of his work with which the versatile artist continues to get to know himself while sharing his introspective process with his audience.
“For a long time, I wanted to revisit some of my older tracks and put them into a completely new context, outside of the world of dancefloor bangers and the hunt for the next big track ID,” says Aera when asked about the point. starting point of his new job, Versions. “Now don't get me wrong – I love this world, but I always knew there could be something more than this.” It’s time to enjoy his new release and get carried away along the journey through stimulating sound waves.