A year ago we presented Adana Twins’ brand new single, Snake Ritual, in this article. Now it's time to talk about their latest release from the TAU label bosses, Mirage. A gentle build-up guides us into the main body of the track, with a bright swathe of layers establishing a buoyant feeling from the beginning. With this latest single, the duo keeps it vibrant and funky by adding additional layers to complement and amplify the main riff, cultivating an enchanting and immersive atmosphere.
If something defines Adana Twins perfectly, it is the maximum coherence and attention to detail they pay to their project. Nothing falls through the cracks for the duo who has around three hundred thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, and whose artistic project is perfectly geared and continues to surprise with each new track. After an initial breakdown of Mirage, which has an enveloping sound since the beginning, more layers are added, bringing a hint of efficiency to proceedings.

The second breakdown really exemplifies the duo’s ability to create spellbinding moments on the dance floor, with gentle piano keys and a myriad of emotive elements to really touch the hearts of those listening. A monumental build-up explodes out into the final section of this uplifting cut, full of positivity. By the time Mirage comes to an end, you’re guaranteed to have a smile on your face. We’re looking forward to knowing what their next steps will be.
Adana Twins 2.jpg