If you thought you had a cool mum, wait till you meet Tasha and Laura. These two mums, followed by their charming twin children, are the face of the Fall/Winter 2018 collection of Face, a new clothing line from Acne Studios. The campaign shows what families look like nowadays, and this charming one that lives in a farm lost in the Canadian countryside may represent what the new normal looks like. But honestly, they are as normal as a family can be.
Acne Studios just released the Fall/Winter 2018 collection of their recently created and ever-successful Face line. The brand’s motif is an emoticon version of the face the Swedish make, which, as explained by Creative Director Jonny Johansson, is “not too happy, not too sad; lagom (Swedish for moderate)”. The collection, photographed by Craig McDean, follows last season’s campaign’s theme of the modern family. It fondly showcases the sincere, natural lives of Tasha Tilberg – the well-renowned Canadian model – and her wife, Laura Wilson, who is a former talent manager turned local community volunteer. They are mums to curly-haired, six-year-old twins, Bowie and Gray, and live in a quaint farmhouse in British Columbia (Canada), which can be reached by getting on two ferries, and neighboured by friendly grape-eating bears.

The intention of the campaign is to show that there is no normal family, and still, all families are normal. Most people growing up don’t think their family is cool, but that doesn’t matter. What makes a family is that sense of unity, at times seen in a shared aesthetic, as you start dressing the same as those who are around you. And that’s what this collection is all about. A limited edition, free publication designed by M/M Paris is available in select Acne Studios stores and on their website, featuring the images as well as an endearingly sweet interview with Tasha and Laura, available from the 31st of May.
The Fall/Winter 2018 collection of the Face line by Acne Studios is available from the 31st of May.
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