During quarantine, pyjamas and sportswear have taken over our lives, resulting as the only representation of our identity. But don’t worry, because by the time we get out of confinement, it will most probably be summer and we will have the perfect excuse to dress up in fancy clothes and take our real personality back. And what better accessory than a good pair of sunglasses? A Better Feeling is a two-year-old eyewear firm that creates the perfect synergy between the product and the person through a symbiotic visual identity. So, get ready because these striking, functional and contemporary designs will surely give you a better feeling after all this is over!
J Balvin, Billie Eilish, Kaytranada or Burna Boy are some of the celebrities who have already been appealed by their design. Architecturally inspired in their distinct D-shape and made out of high-grade material that ensures 100% UV protection, these unisex pieces are accentuated with bold branding and finished with extra touches such as the removable arm covers.

A Better Feeling was founded under the creative atmosphere of London, and that might be the reason why these sunglasses have their own rhythm. Xander Ghost, founder, creative director and electronic musician has paired sonically the materials and the sunglasses styles with music – a sort of soundscape that goes with the eyewear aesthetic. So, picture yourself on the beach soaking up the sun, with your new favourite sunglasses, drinking a cocktail and dancing until dawn with White Roscos glasses’ mix. Do you feel it?
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