“I would like to dedicate to the scar on my face/All the stars of the globe, the world is yours, Scarface”, sings A$AP Rocky in the song Babushka Boi, which now has a video. Directed by the inimitable Nadia Lee Cohen, the audio-visual piece has it all: policemen characterized as pigs, a shiny and super colourful styling – that go beyond the babushka –, all things LA, and crime.
After popularizing the Eastern European traditional garment – worn mainly by elder women; actually, the word ‘babushka’ means ‘granny’ – in November 2018 when the rapper attended LACMA’s annual Art and Film Gala, A$AP Rocky now releases the music video dedicated to the piece. Since he first appeared with the colourful head scarf to cover part of his face after suffering a face gash in a razor scooter accident, we’ve seen the trend boom unstoppably. Now, he’s looked for the talent of Nadia Lee Cohen behind the camera and that of Shirley Kurata on the styling part – she’s a master with colour, as the video perfectly reflects – to immortalize Babushka Boi through this music video mocking cops, robbing banks, and even becoming a butcher. All, accompanied by his mates A$AP Ferg, Kamil Abbas, A$AP Nast and Schoolboy Q.
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