In times of Covid-19 and quarantine, we need more content to browse than ever. Because, let’s be honest, how many times a day are you now checking Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube searching for stuff you haven’t seen yet? How many films and series are you planning on watching these upcoming weeks? As already proved by dozens of recently-created meme accounts and a handful of ingenious videos going viral, humour is one hell of a key to fighting boredom, isolation and secretly missing your daily, crowded commute to work. In-between an endless flow of live streams – from DJ sets to yoga and fitness classes – and online content, here’s a list of five hilarious fashion Instagrams you should follow to make quarantine more bearable while lol-ing on the couch.
When moving from NYC to LA, Sidney Prawatyotin got stuck in traffic jams for so many hours that he had to find something fun to do in the meantime – quarantine vibes, anyone? “I was pretty much bored and was playing with all these different photo apps on my phone; there were so many and they kept me busy when I was sitting in traffic”, he told us when we interviewed him a while ago about how everything started. Since then, he’s grown exponentially – just like Covid-19, but making us laugh instead of cough, fortunately –, and has made some of the most viral memes around the net.

Meme maker, YouTuber and fashion critic Luke Meagher loves to roast everyone from Demna Gvasalia to Olivier Rousteing, to fast fashion brands or pop culture events and celebrities. His sharp, unabashed comments (either in the form of a meme or a YouTube video) are as sassy as they are hilarious – and many times, very accurate for the newest generations of fashion followers. Directly speaking from and to the Gen Z, the 22-year-old is a breath of fresh air among industry veterans like Tim Blanks, whose opinions on fashion shows are dubious at a time where brands pay for rave reviews, and has quickly connected to an online audience boasting more than 100K followers on Instagram and accumulating millions of views on YouTube.

One of the most important DJs in the fashion world, Michel Gaubert, is always a source of inspiration when it comes to fashion-related humour, but to be honest, his poignant posts have a laugh at anything – from pop culture to politics. Now focusing on hot topics like the madness of toilet paper or the LVMH group producing hand sanitizers, he addresses the coronavirus crisis in a funny yet glamorous way.

From Meryl Streep dressed in A-Cold-Wall* turning into Meryl Street to photoshopping Queen Elizabeth’s face onto Rihanna’s endless iconic looks, discover Freddie Smithson’s tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. “It’s not about the people that I include but about the tone”, he told us not that long ago. Combining British humour with renowned brands and pop culture celebrities like the Royal family, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss or Greta Thunberg, his memes spread on Instagram faster than Covid-19 is on the globe.

This one is for fashion insiders only, sorry, but you can get many of them regardless of where you work. Portraying the experience as professionals in the fashion industry, from editors and journalists to photographers or PRs, Kermit guides us through the hardships as well as the happy moments that working in fashion offers – the struggle of surviving fashion month abroad, not having time to eat or sleep in-between shows, parties and presentations, or sitting next to famous people in shows.