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Music is probably the one and only language that everyone understands. There are no words needed in order to feel different rhythms and melodies, it's all about a certain vibe. Project: Mooncircle is an independent Berlin based music label with a well-selected roster of talents who understand how to create unique sound spheres and put you in a whole other world. Gordon Gieseking, founder of the label, musician and artist, made time to talk with us about his never-ending love story.

First of all, what is Project: Mooncircle and who are the people behind the label?

I'm the founder of Project: Mooncircle, co-founder of Project Squared and the Future Bass platform Finest Ego. I also work as label and distribution manager at HHV and I'm lecturing at the University of the Arts – UDK / Career College in Berlin. My main function is A&R, controlling, licensing and organization of the whole thing. Furthermore, the team consists of my partners Aine Devaney (A&R, press manager), Malte Tarnow (Head of Finest Ego, A&R & DJ, BLN.FM Host) and Paul Cooper (Head of Project Squared / Sub Squared, A&R).

Where does the name Project: Mooncircle come from and what does it stand for?

We created the name in 2002, the concept behind the name is: "Looking at the world from above and watching all the good things and problems we creatures build or destroy on this earth we inhabit".

How did you get into music and what inspired you to found a music label?

Music is my first and never-ending love in my life! I started as a DJ and when I was 14 years old, I decided to create my own vision about music and artists. My biggest influences are labels like M3rck records or Beta Bodega from Miami, Florida. I started to reflect the whole music business with them and they taught me a lot about how things work in this world and to enjoy it, even though there are times it can get quite cold interpersonally speaking, and it’s a pretty selfish environment.

You started the label in 2002, when the mix of Hip Hop and electronic music was rather unknown or let us say, not so popular. Nowadays, we see loads of young musicians rapping over an electronic beat . What kind of difficulties did you face at the beginning of Project: Mooncircle? Were there any?

It's important to be on point with the digital market, but today, a label should be more than an internet platform in order to survive. I'm not sure yet but I think I might stop Mooncircle, if we can't manufacture any physical release anymore ... Good music is good music, but a label should be more than just a digital platform.

What makes Project: Mooncircle outstanding or different from other labels?

Project: Mooncircle, with its various producers and vocalist, is an interesting experience for anyone looking for the extraordinary. We are still what I would call a label. We produce vinyls, cassettes and do true label work. We take care of our artists even when a record isn't so successful because of their unknown status. Mooncircle’s philosophy is to combine the artwork and music in a special way and we don’t believe in any hypes!

Where do you get your daily dose of inspiration from?

If I have a minute then I like to spend time with my little lady Leyla (who is actually a dog) and we go for long walks in the deep woods in East Germany. I have recently picked up my attempts of becoming an illustrator; I feel I can still get lost in paintings today. There was a long period when I went through serious problems and I found it really hard to be creative or relaxed to even try it.

As you previously mentioned, you are not only into music but also into art. What do you think - in which way do art and music influence each other? Due to that, how important is it for a release to have a right cover art/artwork?

The artwork in a record is still one of the most important things in my opinion. I have a couple of records only because of the artwork and I never listened to them again… Sounds weird, but both sides are important to form your own ideas when you listen to music. Still, I see them separately in some way.

I really like the roster of artists that you are representing such as Robot Koch, Ta-Ku or Submerse, some of my favorite producers.

It’s a bit sad to only be seeing the hype names and forget about all the other great ones. I would love to draw more attention towards our young, unknown and highly talented acts instead of having to always read the same names everywhere! It’s a big mistake in the media nowadays… Most people just stay on the surface.

I agree with you on that. I guess it will take some time until young and unknown talents get the attention they deserve. So, is your process of “scouting for new talents” like?

We release what we find, love and feel. We don’t care about clicks, views, followers, discography or whatever most people seem to need nowadays! We try and bring music back to the people, that is it.

Finally, what can we expect from Project: Mooncircle for 2014?

This year we want to go back to our organic side. We’re a bit tired about all this electronic stuff at the moment. There’s no soul anymore and a lot of musicians are only producing for the dance floor and that’s okay, but too narrow-minded for us.


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