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Releasing his first solo track of the decade, Yung Lean has returned with the single Boylife in EU ahead of the release of his fourth studio album titled, Starz. Accompanied by a surrealist music video featuring psychedelic patterns and drain gang member Bladee in a corset, Lean offers stripped-back euphoria that continues the aesthetic of his last single, Blue Plastic, released in November last year.

In vibrant visuals that could be plucked out of a Dr Seuss movie, Lean and friends Ecco2K and Bladee – as well as fellow sad boy Yung Sherman masked – are all dressed up on a child-like TV set where they play into their zaniest selves. Wearing a Troll Doll t-shirt, Lean projects mournful and subdued verses where he wishes to pretend ‘everything is well’ and live in a never-ending dream-world the video projects. Yet, he’s soon ‘awake again’ as Whitearmor’s joyous chorus kicks in, wailing of the Boylife in EU as chaos ensues.

Having recorded the track at Namouche studios in Lisbon at the end of 2019, the end of the video brandishes the statement ‘Starz coming soon’, alongside an announcement of tour dates across Europe and North America through March and April – including Stockholm, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Warsaw, New York, Toronto and Los Angeles –, meaning it shouldn’t be long before his loyal fans hear more from him in 2020.

Matt Reed

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