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You already know the feeling in the morning when you wake up and everything just seems dizzy – somehow like a dream, right? Under that dream-like aesthetic, between Santa Monica and Malibu’s coasts, we get to discover Warrior with a Crown. This fashion film, co-realized between Los Angeles filmmaker JMP and model Francesco Cuizza, is about growth and fading out. We get to talk with Francesco about how the idea was born, overcoming ourselves and making our path.

“I believe that failure is a fundamental part of our personal growth”, says Francesco, the main and only character. Isn’t looking into ourselves and learning from our mistakes what pushes us to be better? “Often, this process allows you to discover new things about yourself that you didn’t know you possessed. It’s a question of escaping your comfort zone, in order to fulfil your true potential”, he continues. Warrior with a Crown is more than just a fashion film; it’s an invitation to a deep talk with ourselves. It highlights how important it is to fall down, sometimes, in order to stand up with pride.

The voiceover reminds us that “new ways appear every day, we cannot stop them, so you must choose wisely”. These are the choices that shape us and affect our future, almost becoming part of who we are. The video continues to unfold its narrative through an original choreography, blurring the lines between dream and reality. “Everything that’s happening mentally, in what I’d call our ‘mental theatre’, is always the first thing we experience. The challenge is to bring what we’ve imagined to life”, explains Francesco. 

Francesco also tells us that the jewellery featured in the video belongs to designer Ugo Cacciatori: “I love his work and I thought his collection was a perfect fit. Every piece is strong and powerful, just like a warrior”. The collaboration between them was born by discussing the challenges they have come across and the impact they’ve had – positive and negative.

Warrior with a Crown has already started its international tour at Copenhagen’s Fashion Film Festival, Athens Fashion Film Festival or Short to the Point among others, and it seems they won’t be Francesco’s last stop, as he ends up saying: “I would of course love to continue using film as a way to explore different aspects of our reality. In fact, I’m already working on the next piece – all about privacy and how information is being shared.” But right now, don’t miss the first chapter.

Marta Romero

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