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In addition to being pretty, he plays the drums and is about to become a chef. Oh, and he can also customize clothing in a very cool way, as he’s recently done with the team at Custom Studio by Pepe Jeans. Is there any box unchecked? Victor Levin is a model living in Berlin, and today we speak with him about the fashion industry, self-expression, and his very exciting future plans.
First of all, how would you define yourself in three adjectives?
Open-minded, curious and sensible.
You’re a model. We’ve heard some crazy stories about people being ‘discovered’, so now I’d like to hear yours. And also, what’s your best memory until now?
Actually, it was pretty random. My agency wrote me a message on Instagram and then everything began faster then expected. My fondest memory in the model business was when I lost a button on my jeans while changing, and Vivienne Westwood took the time to sew it on even though she was stressed. It made me realize how people you thought wouldn’t really ‘see’ you are often more curious than you would’ve thought.
You seem pretty young. Are you studying besides working as a model, or are you committed to the fashion world 24/7? What do you envision yourself doing in, let’s say, five years?
At the moment, I’m working in a coffee shop besides modelling. I don’t really identify myself with the model business even though it is fun and interesting. I have a lot of respect for the people who can work as full-time models because it is harder than most people think. In September, I will start my chef’s training in Vienna, so in five years, I probably see myself as a chef in my own restaurant. In my private life, I want to have at least one child with my girlfriend.
You’re based in Berlin, a city with endless possibilities. Could you recommend us some hotspots we shouldn’t miss?
Totally! To eat, head to Monsieur Vuong; for art, visit Brückemuseum; and to experience Berlin’s lifestyle, go to Bergmannstraße.
What can you tell us about your collaboration with Pepe Jeans and Custom Studio? How's your experience been?
It was super cool to see how your idea becomes a real product! The team was really cool and I’m in love with my jacket.
Had you ever customized any other garment before? If so, tell us more about it.
No, first time.
In this collaboration with Pepe, how have you expressed your personality and work through customization?
I started playing drums at the age of six, so I decided to take a drum set as my customization idea. I always used playing the drums as a compensation to the normal daily life and it’s just perfect to reduce stress.
Why would you say customization is important/relevant?
For me, customization is important because you can create a single piece no one else has and you are able to implement your own ideas.
What can you explain us about your projects for a near future?
As I said, in September I will start my education to become a chef in a small restaurant with two Michelin stars and a super nice team. That doesn’t mean I will stop modelling, but cooking will be my first priority.

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