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Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and it seems like everyone took advantage of the opportunity to release new music. Closer by Saweetie featuring Grammy award-winning hip-hop artist H.E.R. came out on Thursday, but now we get to see its music video as a gift for lovers' day. Hopefully, this means we are closer to Saweetie’s upcoming new album Pretty Bitch Music. Watch how these Pinays pilot a private jet and travel around the world with their best friends, stopping by in Paris, the Philippines and Tokyo under the statement: “three boyfriends, I don't know where I'm sleepin.”

The video, directed by Hannah Lux Davis, starts off by checking their negative Covid test results and passports as they take off to the adventure. Closer is a collaboration full of girl power – it's a groovy and disco song that seems inspired by the beats from the 80s. Don’t be surprised if the choreography becomes a TikTok trend, dancing along to the catchy chorus: “Hold me closer, it’s the freak in me I wanna show ya. It feels so good, don't want it to be over.” We may not be able to afford to book a flight on Icy Airlines, but we might as well watch them live out our dream. Shopping, ordering room service, taking a bubble bath, drinking shots with their besties and crossing out their dates on a notebook. What else could you ask for? The visuals don’t fail to capture the fantasy.

Giulia Ramírez

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