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Just a few months ago this London-based band released their much-awaited Disaster Pop EP and, in an interview with us, they explained how much of an emotional rollercoaster creating the songs had been. And that's exactly what their music is like. Nukuluk is chaotic, energetic and somehow unpredictable but not easy to forget. This type of energy is immediately apparent in Disaster Pop Song’s music video. Are you ready to see it?

Filmmaker Leo DMB created the video in 2021 through the combination of stop motion technique and live-action clips. In Disaster Pop Song future and past meet in what they call a “glorious jelly banquet.” It is a video in which Nukuluk unveils their inner world, by showing hidden messages and internal monologues which turn even more erratic and emotional towards the end of the song. The constant visual stimuli bring the viewer closer to the overwhelming sensation that the group’s leader Syd talks about in the lyrics with lines such as “Are you feeling like disaster, when you’re always chasing, then I get my laughter.”

If you've enjoyed this idiosyncratic video you should know that Nukuluk has announced a three-day residency in May, June and July (one day a month) at the South London venue Bermondsey Social Club. Discover their mix of genres, seen in their latest EP Disaster Pop, with which they blend their raw lyrics with a surprisingly polished sound.

Alba Fabregat

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