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Within the past 6 years, Jordan Peele has cemented himself as a formidable force in the film industry. His groundbreaking directorial debut Get Out stunned audiences across the globe in 2017 with its expert handling of racism in America, and 2019’s Us was equally thought-provoking, with its exploration into the horrors of classism. Peele has cemented himself as someone who understands the affordances of film as a medium for expressing complex social commentary, so Nope, his third film, is sure to be no different.

The trailer for Nope just dropped, and audiences finally have a glimpse of what the film’s premise is after being kept in the dark for a while. At first it seems like a typical alien invasion movie. Oscar-winner Daniel Kaluuya (of Get Out fame) and Emmy-winner Keke Palmer lead the cast as a brother-sister rancher duo, whose father is killed by an unknown entity in the sky. Over the course of the trailer, the tone takes a one-hundred spin, from fearful, confused, and anxious, to excited and opportunistic. If aliens are gonna land in your front yard, why not make money off of it? The duo set up cameras in hopes of being the first people to capture the extraterrestrial beings on camera. But, as is the case with the preceding Peele films, everything is not what it seems. Chaos, confusion, death are sure to follow, and Kaluuya and Palmer will take viewers along their perilous journey to survive.

Nope is set to release on July 22nd in the United States, and is sure to be funny, clever, and frightening, all with an underlying message about yet another ill plaguing America.

Auhjanae McGee

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