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Three girls in lockdown, three different countries, three different ways of coping with quarantine. Does it sound exciting? This is Miss Quarantine, a project by Laura Martinova. These past two weeks we’ve travelled to Milan first to meet stylist Julia Beo and then to Shanghai to meet artist and model Wenqi Zou. Today, our destination is Melbourne, Australia, where we meet Nicola Matear, a designer and model.

“The shooting was at 6 am Spanish time and the night before I couldn’t sleep, so when we started the shooting, I was veeery sleepy,” explains Laura. This is actually an issue that’s come up a lot these past days: the online brings us all together, however, we can’t forget that we all live in different parts of the globe physically. So, some of us have missed performances, talks or other streaming activities because of where we were. Thankfully for us, the team behind Miss Quarantine got it together and achieved it. “Nicola and Laura Vaquero – the stylist – were quite awake because in Australia it was 2 pm. Thankfully, it was easy working with them and we laughed a lot, so in the end, I just felt a bit high,” she concludes with a smile.

Nicola is spending the pandemic creatively and pretty healthily: waking up ‘early-ish’, keeping a routine, exploring old records (Prince, Simon and Garfunkel…), doing collages, dancing, dressing up, cleaning, and having light-hearted conversations with her mother over dinner. “I enjoy setting myself creative challenges and teaming up with creatives around the world,” she reveals. But she’s also learning new languages, Spanish and Italian, and wishing lockdown is over so she can travel and put them to practice. In the meantime, she’s starring in the third – and last – part of Miss Quarantine, so enjoy watching her eat a strawberry or read a book.

Director and editor
Laura Martinova
Laura Vaquero
Nicola Matear
Graphic Designer
Alex Olten
Moncho Sánchez-Gómez
Silva De Alegría “El sonido de la vida”
Aquarium Vintage. Loewe. Anrealage. Kitten d’Amour. Levi’s. MO&Co. Adidas. Peachoo+ Krejberg. Marisa Matear. Donna Karan.

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