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Yesterday night marked the release of the video for Lolo Zouaï’s brand new single Scooter, the visuals of which are just as outrageously amusing as the lyrics. This is the artist’s first release since the landmark announcement of her upcoming US tour with Dua Lipa. Lolo returned to her native Paris for the single, where she has recently been working with Ralph Lauren and Vogue.

If you’ve been to almost any major city on the planet in the last couple of years, you will have undoubtedly noticed the unstoppable rise of the e-Scooter. Thus, it was inevitable that these two-wheeled terrors would eventually seep into the zeitgeist and take a hold on pop culture. They finally have taken said hold, in the form of a sardonic pop song.

The concept for the video is fairly straight-forward, Lolo scoots around the various rues of Paris, without any intention of slowing down for pedestrians. Whilst, like me, the worrier in you may fret over the finer details of her insurance policy, the punk scooterist in you will feel an incredible sense of vindication. Although Lolo is draped in designer brands throughout the video (many of whom she namechecks in the first couple of lines), it is the scooter itself that steals the spotlight, adorned in pink faux-fur and enormous metal spikes. Interspersed between the travelling sequences are some lovely interior shots, with mid-century décor equally as vibrant as Lolo’s outfits. Eventually, our fearless protagonist pays the price for her reckless attitude towards road safety when she is struck down in the street. We pray that she has not perished, but her provocative decision to discard her helmet may lead to our prayers going unanswered. Lolo’s untimely end gives the songs hook, "don’t make me get off my scooter", an almost Shakespearean quality as it eerily foreshadows her tragic demise.

Lolo has achieved a feat that so many artists strive for yet ultimately fail to pull off. She has produced the holy trinity of pop, a song that has an infectious chorus and a kick-ass video, but also acts as a timely parable, warning of the fatal consequences of dangerous driving. Watch the video for Scooter now!

Harvey Byworth-Morgan

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