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The Australian singer and dancer, of David Bowie’s Lazarus the musical, releases a Dolly Parton flavoured gypsy number and new music video Mistook You For A Man. Cottage-core folk-clad Jessie finds herself in the rubble of the city and dances her heart out to a television-screen band. The band is led by a comically blonde-wigged bearded man, who sings with the voice of a woman, the folk group on screen are a stereotypical image of this sound. The twist of course is that we might just mistake Jessie Monk, the singer and dancer for this bearded man.
Burning and kicking an altar during an instrumental, this is a rebellious video that showcases Jessie’s spunky performance. On the concept Jessie explained, "It Is about the fatalistic tendency of mistaking one's lover for a God or mistaking God for a man. It is a cohen-esque soliloquy of a Eurydice who, burning in the flames of her impassioned illusions, descends into the underworld after mistaking her beloved demi-god, Orpheus, for creation itself.” Gracefully dancing and running through the underworld of the grafiti ridden city, the lyrics appear to interchange mistaking someone for a man as mistaking them for God. This loaded feminist message that ought to critique the position of men in society is delivered by the O Brother, Where Art Thou style crew of singers to slightly comic effect. But, we are asked to realise there is more to this video than what meets the eye as the Greek-myth referencing story digs deeper than we expect on first watch.

Bella Spratley

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