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Giving us permission to look into his wondrous mind is Evan Klar with his new single, Special. Influenced by a variety of music genres from house and pop to soul and trap, Klar depicts the relatable fear of one falling in love. He explains: "Writing either buries me in the dirt or flies me to the moon, it never lands somewhere in middle. Special takes me to the most confusing but beautiful memory.”

Unsatisfied with the path he was on, playing other people’s music, Klar decided to start doing his own thing. In 2020, he signed with Groenland Records and released his first single, I do. Since then, he has been on a roll, gradually dropping pop songs. “Pop music keeps me young and happy, it kinda reminds me of playing with lego as a kid,” he says. Special was produced by dynamo duo, Kilian & Jo, and follows his recent acclaimed song, Illusions.

Inspired by the film, Phone Booth, Klar worked in parallel with the one of the scenes from the 2002 thriller. The spontaneous music video was filmed in a street in Berlin on a 20-year-old mini DV camcorder by one of his friends. He reflects that it was "the best zero budget video making experience ever… Apart from whoever stole my jacket while we were filming… It was midnight with literally no one around so I'm suspicious of the figure that comes into the frame top left at 2:06?.”

India Gustin

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