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Devora is not a conventional artist. She didn't grow up in the big city, nor is she inspired by the trending genres of today's music scene. Born in the Arizona desert, far from the unbearable traffic noise, the singer invites us to delve into her origins in her new single and video clip, Fist Fight. A liberating and dark song that connects with the wildest part of the human being. A catchy rhythm that sounds while she drives in a video that urges us to live in the present.

If Fist Fight was a magical creature, it would not be an angel, but a demon. A character who, away from the light, takes a different route from everyone else. And that's precisely what Devora has done throughout her career, culminating in her latest EP, Outlaw. Being of Russian descent and keen on medical and philosophy books, the artist has traced her own path in the music scene, leading the difference and not allowing herself to be carried out by passing phenomena. And her latest music video, Fist Fight, pays tribute to the settings in which she grew up in the middle of the desert.

A lawless city, abandoned motel rooms and intense love stories converge in the adventure of just three and a half minutes, in which we get to know the true essence of Devora. A combative melody that shows her strong personality, something essential to gain a foothold in an industry that tends to depend on trends and elevate certain musical genres to success according to the moment. Devora fights against the system as she continues to discover herself through music, her true passion.

David Alarcón

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