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Taiwanese filmmaker and creative director Candice Lo has just released a new film series, Touch The Nature. In it, she drives us through a journey of self and nature exploration within North Pole’s breathtaking landscapes as the background. The human-nature relationship is here represented based on the psycho-geometric theory that is based on five shapes – circle, triangle, square, rectangle and squiggle. Each of them has its own personality, which is reflected in the video’s soundtrack and visual expressions. When watching it, you will surely feel more connected to one of them.

Everything was recorded in Pyramiden, in the North Pole. The photographer Wennie Ye introduced Candice to the place and they collaborated together on the film and on a series of still images. “The reason for choosing this place was, at first, because of its name, Pyramiden; the mountain here looks like a pyramid, which refers to a triangle and the triangle is the dominant personality in psycho-geometric system”, says Candice.

She continues by explaining us the expression of each shape: “A circle person is friendly, reflective, comfortable, casual, youthful, feminine and soft like water. A squiggle person is creative, expressive, witty, experimental, dramatic and artistic. A triangle person is a leader, ambitious, competitive, stylish and tailored-made. The square person is organized, analytical, conservative and very knowledgeable. A rectangle person is unsure, in transition, growing, courageous and extremely unusual.”

The artist describes her relationship with nature as indispensable and says it was the location itself, its untouched nature and its beauty that inspired her the most to create this video: “It’s a city without internet connection and cell-signal, it allows you to completely merge with nature and cut out from the rest of the world, which is the main idea of the whole project. We stayed in Pyramiden for a week, the city has more polar bears than human beings.”

Candice knows exactly what shapes represent her, “I feel most identified with the circle and the squiggle both as a person and as a creative.” So after watching and reading this, what about you?

Catarina Marques

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