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What is real, what is simulation, what is reality and what is memory? This is what Berlin-based band Bodi Bill – made up by Fabian Fenk, Anton Feist and Alex Stolze – questions in their newest music video for Be Sure, a song written from a dystopian point of view of how real are our relationships in reality. The art-pop/electronic trio is also taking this occasion to announce release of their upcoming album due later this year.

Drawing on a myriad of influences from pop, indie, electronica and ambient soundscapes, Be Sure conjures an alternative reality fused with rhythmic experimentation and offbeat melodies. Bodi Bill further explain the creative process of the track: “the song went from being rather busy to rather spacey, we tried to minimise it to the elements that are absolutely necessary.” Rather than giving answers, their newest music video asks many questions that remain unsolved about living in a simulation or a parallel reality.

After being inactive for 7 years, Bodi Bill returned in 2019 with new singles such as Kiss Operator or What If and Better Than Reality, where we noticed their evolution and unique style which we had been accustomed to. Now, they are letting us know that the band's new music will be how it has always been, a celebration of experimentation, a mutual creative motivation as well as unconditional curiosity.

Clara Izquierdo

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