Taylor Castro, whom we referred to as “one of the most complete profiles in the current creative scene” the last time we spoke to her coinciding with the release of her single Jade, has just released her new EP. Titled Intermission and making adolescence the main theme, this new six-track release shows us the evolution of the multifaceted artist who advances her musical path by leaps and bounds. In the end, Taylor is writing a different kind of story altogether for popular music and culture.
“In its six songs, I am more ruthlessly genuine than ever before: I name names, I spare no details, and I sufficiently embarrass myself in the eyes of anyone who finds it humiliating to feel without reservation,” replies the Florida-born, Atlanta-based singer, songwriter, screenwriter, and actress. when asked about her latest release. The all-around creative amplifies novel-worthy stories with a skyscraping voice in her new EP, which includes six tracks: Theodora, Shiny Shoes, Perpendicular Lines, Fiona, Chrysalis and Pacifier. “There are non-fictional characters in this one. It’s just me up there, like one of those nightmares where you forget all your lines onstage.”

Starting from that desire we make to venture off into the unknown, over the rainbow, only to find ourselves begging for a way back when we were teenagers, Castro is more ruthlessly genuine than ever before. “If it were not for this EP, I think I would still be hiding in some cobwebbed corner waiting for life to fly by. Calling it a secret garden while only ever watering weeds of fear for the sake of a perilous safety,” she shared on her social media when presenting her latest project some days ago.