Skalar is an impressive large-scale light and sound art installation by Christopher Bauder and Kangding Ray – currently on view at Kraftwerk Berlin – focused on exploring the complex impact of light and sound on human perception. The installation was first presented during this year’s CTM Festival and it can be visited until the 25th of February.
The former power plant of Kraftwerk Berlin houses this audio-visual narration of radiant light vector drawings and multi-dimensional sound inside this pitch-dark industrial space. Skalar is a light and sound sculpture that immerses the audience into a spectral experience. Light and darkness as cycles of day and night define our perception of time and influence our emotions. Here, artist and designer Christopher Bauder treats light as a solid material that can be sculpted and shaped into architectural dimensions. Musician and composer David Letellier, aka Kangding Ray, brings the sound experience to the artwork with his tireless exploration of textures, rhythm, and sound design. With the synergy of both, the silence of darkness is filled with iridescent formations of spatial light and sound.

Christopher Bauder works in the fields of light and installation art and focuses on the translation of bits and bytes into objects and environments and vice versa, whilst Kangding Ray explores the convergence between techno and experimental sound in a very successful way. He is a meticulous and constant developer of sound design and conceptual work.
Skalar by Christopher Bauder and Kangding Ray is on view until February 25 at Kraftwek Berlin, Köpenicker Str. 70, Berlin.