Red September continues to prove with each new launch that fashion is a language built on emotions and moods, capable of creating communities and bringing together people from very different backgrounds. A very powerful tool that is also affected by conflicts, internal struggles and states of confusion, as we analysed when featuring their Fall/Winter 2023-2024 collection, Vacuum, in this article. Today, we look at their most recent release, Therapy, their Spring/Summer 2024 collection. This collection takes the form of contemporary therapy and it’s filled with nuances.
Light and darkness, black and white, euphoria and sadness. Many antagonistic moods and realities coexist within each of us, resulting in confusing situations that sometimes are not easy to handle. “Today, more than in the past, fashion is a therapist and wardrobe is the comfort zone where patients are listened to. Each designer has a different method,” we read in the manifesto that comes along with the new collection of the brand founded by Olga Vasyukova, with whom we spoke for the first time in an interview you can read here.
It is no coincidence that denim, the favourite material of the creative director that has become the hallmark of the brand, is one of the fundamental axes that articulate the latest men’s Red September collection. Special mention should be made on the ripped denim jackets with fringed threads, garments that portray the experiences we live and leave a mark, building our personality and way of seeing the world. There is no lack of low-rise jeans, which have jumbled pockets, and men’s shirts and trousers that look like they’ve been doused with acid in this new collection.
If we look at the women’s part of the collection, we find asymmetric A-line skirts with methodical most meditative cutouts, like an exercise with scissors in a psychoanalysis session. Let’s stop for a moment at the most iconic item and the collective image of the collection, which is a pleated shirt turned into an allegory of therapy prescribed by a sensitive psychologist-designer. “Fashion is an expression of our soul, of its intimate needs and the wardrobe is the metaphorical border of human chaos in which ‘good’ and ‘evil’ take turns in an internal conflict that has lasted for millennia,” the brand responds when asked about the starting point and source of inspiration of their new launch, Therapy.
The men’s S/S 2024 collection and women’s pre-collection will be presented during the buyer’s season in the Boon showroom in Paris as part of Men’s Paris Fashion Week. If you want to know more about the Red September universe, click here!
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