A few weeks ago we talked about the trip to the natural landscapes that Maison Kitsuné invited us to join, within the second stop of its three-part campaign for Spring/Summer 2023. After having accompanied us on a journey through an otherworldly utopia that would continue to a fantastic outdoors, now it's the turn of Paris in this final chapter that puts an end to this multi-sensory adventure. April means reconnecting with the city, an imagined cityscape in the form of Sweet Souvenirs, a story created by the fashion brand and Hotel Olympia photographed by Anton Gottlob
Drawing inspiration from Parisian clichés, from candy-coloured poodles to supersized macarons, Maison Kitsuné explores some of the codes inherent to the French capital in the third stop on the journey they undertook to present their Spring/Summer 2023 collection. Gone are the natural landscapes and the realities that go beyond planet Earth, it’s time to return to the big city after being part of an eye-opening journey. An allegory of escapism with which the brand shows that other ways of seeing life and fashion are possible, making it clear that there are no limits and inviting us to think out of the box.

The collection will be available from April 12, 2023, in stores and on their website, and it promises to be the beginning of a year with great projects for Maison Kitsuné. Having demonstrated its curiosity about the world and its ability to adapt to every environment, the brand continues to establish itself on the international fashion scene not following trends and shaping a unique personal style that is on the rise.
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