Since we last spoke to her just a few weeks ago on the occasion of the release of her single Your Biggest Fan, singer-songwriter Lorelei Marcell has made further progress in her promising career by leaps and bounds. After releasing the music video for the song, which has got a hundred and fifty thousand views on YouTube in less than a month, she now presents her first EP, in which despite her youth the artist seems to have found her personal sound. “This is just the start of my journey as a writer and singer,” she says.
When she presented her latest single prior to announcing that she would be releasing an EP, we realised that Marcell's fledgling musical career was the beginning of a promising future defined by the conjunction of personal style, a sensational aesthetic sense and a brilliant aura. And now, after having listened to the six singles that make up her first EP, we can only reaffirm our belief. From Billion Reasons to Human Nature, a track that deserves a special mention for the energetic catchy rhythm that puts the finishing touch to this new work, the EP is an emotional journey in which melodies are able to connect with human feelings.

Love becomes one of the fundamental pillars on which this new proposal is built, projected from different perspectives as we progress through the EP. “This song is about finally realising who someone is after being so infatuated for so long,” Marcell says about Eyes Closed, before reflecting on the expectations that society has placed on us in Perfect. “It’s about someone who expects you to be perfect, and how they will never find love or succeed because nothing and nobody is perfect,” she explains about this song. In short, the Boston-based singer consolidates her talent with this admirable first job.